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Mar 26, 2013 5:00am PDT
. >>> they got a $7 million investment to samsung electronics and it was announced by mayor chuck read and governor brown last august. they offered asimilar one in hopes of getting the samsung company to deal with the facilities there. >>> you only have one more day to make that electronic switch. they will no longer make that stop and that means you only have a few more hours to make the fast track and eliminating toll takers is expected to save nearly $16 million. >>> sal, how is it looking? >> we have a new crash which is in a non commute direction and as you drive at auto mall, there is a new crash which is blocking at least one of the lanes and the fire department and chp are arriving on the scene and so far it is not a major delay, we will keep watching it for you. as you drive fear the coliseum, it is good and we are fitting a little bit of a mac up in some of those cash lanes. >>> in mendocino and lake county it was .01 and still very light and still westerly breeze is in place, 40s and 50s on the temperatures and a west wind establishing itself it is going to be a cooler day and t
Mar 25, 2013 5:00am PDT
jose city council is expected to approve a $7 million incentive package for samsung. the deal was outlined back in august at this city hall ceremony with governor jerry brown, mayor chuck reed, and samsung executive. the city of austin, texas by the way offered similar incentives in an effort to get samsung to move there. >>> after seven long years and spending millions of dollars the new devil's slide tunnels are set to open today. alex savidge is there where a ceremony is scheduled in a couple hours. alex. >> reporter: this is certainly a relief to people who drive this stretch of roadway. later on today crews are set to unvail these two new tunnels. you can see the sign right now says tunnel closed. but in just a matter of hours folks will be driving through there. this will be the highway 1 bypass at devil's slide. this is a $400 million project that features two bores through the mountain. the tunnels allow drivers to avoid a section of highway 1 that has been notorious for rock slides and mud slides. it has closed the road months at a time. devil's slide has been the site of
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2